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Transformers: The MSTing 3
( The Search For Spark)

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Transformers: God Gambit
Transformers: Carnage in C-Minor

Live. (Non Standard.)

Produced and Directed by
Greg Sepelak. (King Weasel Productons).

Approximately 2 hours.

Presented 18 July 1999. (Sunday)

BotCon '99, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Greg Sepelak as Sipher, Phil Zeman as Phil, David Tashjian as Hex, Karl Hartman as himself (cameo).

Written by
Greg Sepelak (Head Writer), H. Jameel al Khafiz, Diana Calder, Doug Dlin, Suzanne Ferree, Xiphos Fuhr, Robert Jung, David Tashjian, Dave Van Domelen, Patricia Wright, Ben Yee, Phil Zeman.

Special Note
Karl Hartman is one of the founders of 3H, the group that runs Botcon. In the first skit he runs on stage and announces the experiments for the show; in the last skit, he informs the actors that the show's over so they should get off the stage. (In a nutshell.)

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