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Satellite of Doom/When Continents Collide

Live. (Non Standard.)

Produced and Directed by
Greg Sepelak. (King Weasel Productons).

Approximately 2 hours.

Presented 27 July 2003. (Saturday)

The Official Transformers Collectors' Convention 2003, Chicago, Illinois.

Doug Dlin as Doug, Phil Zeman as Phil, Greg Sepelak as Sipher.

Written by
Doug Dlin, Greg Sepelak,Jennifer Ulm, Graham Weaver, Matt Kuphaldt, Matthew Greenbaum, Benson Yee, David Willis, Robert A. Jung, Philip N. Zeman.

Special Notes
  1. Satellite of Doom/When Continents Collide is a "Read & See" video released by Kid Stuff / Kid Vid in 1985. It is a video version of two Transformers "Read-Along" books, which were special Transformers audio-adventures with an accompanying book for children to read along as the story played from a cassette tape.

  2. The name of the show was changed from "Transformers: The MSTing" to "MSTF".

  3. Vince DiCola, composer of the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack, played back-up keyboards, for a parody of his song "Dare" (from the TFTM soundtrack), during the opening skit.
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