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*7 1/2 Questions With Kyle Pittman*

by G.A. Deezen
Circa 19 September 2003, Kyle Pittman agreed to answer a few questions about himself, his fanvids, his je ne c'est quoi. Pittman was the producer of the MST4000 fanvid series. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1985 while his father (a member of the U.S. Army) was stationed there. He now lives somewhere in Ohio.

"Better Buy O-Hi-O!" -- Mary Jo Pehl, in The First (and Last) Musical on Mars

Who are you, and why are you important?

Well as far as I know I'm Kyle Pittman, and I currently work in independent films doing random things and working on a few big projects as the writer and director. I used to make MST3K fan films, and I would very much like to continue doing so with a new series titled Mystery Science Theater 1985.

When did your love affair with MST3K begin?

Its sort of a depressing story really, I watched MST3K: The Movie first when it was on STARS or something, and instantly fell in love with it, but I didnt really know where to find the t.v. show of it, but then when it went to SciFi Channel I saw the ads and started watching it a little. But I didnt become a true fan until I was happily watching the last episode, not knowing it was the last episode, and at the end I was in shock and very dissapointed. So I started doing some research and found tapes of older episodes at the library and began taping the SciFi Channel reruns.

What inspired you to finally get off your duff and make a fanvid?

It wasnt until me and my brother Cody were watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show late one night that we got the idea to make a fan film series. But this was a long time before we actually got around to making a full episode. And this was before we knew of any other fan films. And even after extensive research on the internet I never really found very many, at the time.

We got some people together to make a pilot after working out a "plot" and making robots, but the pilot episode didnt work out very well at all. We never even got to the theater scenes and it was a major disaster, and no one listened to the director, so I had to fire everyone, which is why all my episodes afterwards are all done by three people; Me, a friend of mine, and my brother.

What's your best memory?

I'd say making the Attack of the 50ft. Woman episode. On this special occasion we had a fourth member of our team, another friend of mine. He was very funny and had the best lines but unfortunatly he didnt want to come back to do any more episodes. But if I make any more I will probably have a new full crew, since I now have alot more connections.

What's your worst memory?

Well every time we attempt to do a Plan 9 From Outer Space episode something goes horribly wrong, so we just decided to stop working on anything Plan 9 anymore. Just too risky.

Are you currently working on anything you'd like to divulge?

Well I'm working with alot of film makers from Cleveland at the moment, on a new short film titled Psychosis, about a serial killer in the 1960's who dresses in drag as an Avon Lady to gain entry into the homes of housewives, all to the song; Cant Get It Out Of My Head by Electric Light Orchestra.

I'm also working on a documentary about haunted locations in Ohio. Titled; OHIO by NIGHT. The funny thing about this, is it wont be like any boring documentary you've seen, it will be suspenseful, scary but funny as well, because I want to have a couple comedians tag along and have alot of improv comedy while investigating real haunted locations. Makes for a fun twist.

And I would also like to continue MST1985, not really sure on which episodes I will do, I may only do one because I really just dont have the time anymore, and I really need a paying job, which is why I'm doing the Psychosis film, I have alot of faith in it being a popular film.

Are you affected normally by gravity?

Thats a tough one, I dont think so, though. Which is why I have alot of trouble in the bathroom. Lets just say I have to shower about eight times a day.

What's the deal with...?

My Theatre class

I just found out today if I act up in my new theatre class I'm taking I have to do community service. I mean what the Hell is up with that? Plus all the kids in that class are about 12 years old in general, its like a flashback. And this mean old hag came in and yelled at these kids for being loud, man it was like being in 6th grade again... I just sat back in awe. It was crazy, man. I'm 18 years old for Godsakes, you yell at me you old liver-spot, and see what happens. ...Other than that issue its pretty good though.

Thanks to Kyle Pittman for answering these seven and a half questions.

Copyright © 2003 G.A. Deezen