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*Public Inquiry: Jason Soto*

by G.A. Deezen
Dateline: 13 October 2003

Jason Soto, a resident of Indiana, recently agreed to a cooperate with a public inquiry into details surrounding allegations that he produced fanvids. Soto is alleged to be the producer of B-Movie Central 5000, a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan-made video series. Sources confirm that Soto has produced at least eight fanvids to date, and there doesn't seem to be any stopping his flagrant production and proliferation of fanvids.

Where/when were you born?

I was born in a log cabin on February wait that's Abe Lincoln. I was born on June 5, 1980 in a hospital. If you watch or seen Episode 2-The Burning, a title card comes up saying "St Catherines Hospital" I say "Hey I was born there" I REALLY was born there. :)

Do you have any interesting pre-fanvid personal history?

Well, not interesting. I did do one TV show for public access when I was 15 and it was the stupidest thing in the world...umm...oh and I had goldfish who saved the world a few times from total I said nothing interesting.

Who are you, and why are you important?

Well I am Jason Soto. I don't think I'm important, but since you role in life (at least at this point) is to show a bunch of bad movies that just, DANG IT!! need to be shown...

You seem to be filling that role very well. At this point, you're the most prolific MST3K fanvid producer. How much time do you spend making each episode?

Well, other super serious (and apparently super rich) fan video producers are gonna look at my answer and laugh, but it takes no longer then a week. That included writing, gathering props, filming, editing, watching movies, and anything extra. I usually have more time in the weekends, that's when I film normally.

Where do you get all the movies?

"What, you kidding? We're on a spaceship, this place is crawling..." hehehe...Yeah seriously, I get them anywhere really. Bad movies can be found at just about anywhere. I find a few at the video store, or movie stores. The bookstore chain Borders has a slew of them if you know where to look. The majority of the ones in my collection my friend Bill had for some odd reason. He does tell me his family just buy movies, no matter how stupid they look/are. Oh, and a few of them I found watching the Sci-Fi channel. Isn't that ironic? Don't ya think?

When did your love affair with MST3K begin?

When I was 13. I think it was episode 401-Space Travelers and I saw Gene Hackman (He's good in anything) and wondered what this was about. Then I learned it was a weekly thing and so I watched it every week.

Was Space Travelers your favorite MST3K episode?

I can't say it's my ultimate favorite episode. I like others better then this one. It seems like they were scared to make fun of this movie cause of the big stars or maybe it was shock I dunno. But I do have this episode, nonetheless.

What inspired you to finally get off your duff and make fanvids?

Well, I originally was gonna do it on public access and I came up with the idea after watching a very bad movie that followed MST3K on the Sci-Fi channel (I found it rather ironic). The idea just sat around for about 5 years until I stumbled upon a site that listed fan videos and I seen that other people like me just did their show in their home. The rest is history.

Don't you mean MSTory?

Oops. My bad, dawg!

What kept you from doing BMC5K at the public access station?

Well one time was the time limit. They don't normally show hour and half -two hour shows. I also didn't like the censorship thing, cause some of the movies feature nudity or bad language and since I'm against censorship (Keeping this interview clean is kinda killing me hahahaha...) I decided not to put it on tv. And also something about stupid copyright...

What's your best memory?

When my sister was born.

What's your worst memory?

Hmm...I do have a lot. I'd have to say...when I had to go a whole week without drinking any Dr. Pepper. That was brutal.

Are you currently working on anything you'd like to divulge?

What aren't I working on? Not only am I about to start the Halloween episode of BMC5K, I am working on the couple of shows I have on public access. I'm a busy guy.

Didn't the idea of Dr. Snyder come from an experience you had doing one of your public access shows?

Wow, you're right! Are you stalking me! Security! Just kidding...Yeah, me and my friend Bill, we have a talk show on public access and during our second episode, we got a call from [someone] saying that, and i quote "Snyder, let's get them!" It was about a few weeks after that episode that I decided to do this fan video and I needed a plot to the show. I remembered the call and said "Hmmm..." Exact quote too. The rest is history...or BMCistory...

BMC5K is a one-man operation. Are you hoping to get more people in on the production? You mentioned you had a sister, what's the deal with her not helping?

Well, she's 6 years old. Granted we're at the same maturity not really she is more mature then me...And yeah I'd love to get some help. People keep telling me they'll help me, but then they back down, it gets frustrating after a while...

What's the deal with...?

Me making so many... episodes

Well, I just have fun writing, filming, and making fun of movies. Plus I feel that the more I make, the more seriously I will be taken. I know hard to believe that I'm not taken seriously.

Thanks to Jason Soto for submitting to this interrogation.

Copyright © 2003 G.A. Deezen