The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Fanvid and Live-performance Database

*Caveats and Infos*

What can I find on this website? Comprehensive information regarding fan-produced videos and live performances of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

What is the Main Index page? Every section of this website is accessible via the Main Index page. It's where you go when you need directions to the information you seek. The Main Index is what is also traditionally known as a "site map". So, if there's something you want to know, go to the Main Index and find out where it is.

What is the FPIC? It's the Fan Production Information Center. The FPIC is filled with detailed pages about fan-productions and is accessible via conveniently alphabetized lists in The Card Catalog. Each fan-production has its own FPIC page, which often times has more information than is available in the main Database.

What is a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanvid? An MST3K fanvid is defined as any fan-made/fan-produced video that mimics exactly (or closely matches the style and spirit) of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

How do I get my project/fanvid listed? If you have a new fanvid or live-performance project in the works, or have completed a fanvid, send an e-mail to the keeper of the list at Remember to substitute "mst3kfanvids" for "abuse" so your e-mail goes to the right place. It would be best to put the name of your project in the subject line so your e-mail will stand out, but it's not necessary.

How can I find people to help me with my project? How can I find a project that needs my help? Information of this nature can be found on the classifieds page.

What fanvids are listed on The List? Any MST3K fanvid that is completed, and whose completion has been confirmed.

How is completion of a fanvid confirmed? The author of this database determines the completion of a fanvid to be confirmed by either having seen or knowing someone who has seen said fanvid.

Why are there sometimes a bunch of question marks instead of information? Data entries with question marks (?) are either unknown, or "best-guess" based on currently known information.

Are these things any good? This database makes no statement regarding the quality of the listed productions.

What is a Fish? It is a fan-production that for some reason couldn't quite be catagorized as an MST3K fanvid, but was worth noting because it was in the same spirit. (cf. fanvid-ish).

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Inclusion of information is done so at the discretion of the author of this website. Every effort is made to provide a complete and accurate listing of MST3K fan-produced videos and live performances. The fact that a particular project, production, or production group is listed on this website does not imply an endorsement or recommendation.

Email The Author to report inaccuracies and broken links, to have your fanvid listed, or to have a link to your website included or removed. Use (where "abuse" = "mst3kfanvids") for all of your author reaching needs. The world wants to know about your production. So, make with the info. :-)

The Author thanks all those who helped with information for this database. You know who you are...ostensibly.

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